Coeur Housing / Missing Middle / Infill Housing

The Coeur Housing Committee is working with the City’s planning staff on developing an infill housing code for the City of Coeur d’Alene. The Coeur Housing Committee will look at areas of the city that are appropriate for the new infill/missing middle housing code. What types of units and how many of units will also be discussed and vetted through.

Mission Statement

To create a new Infill Housing code that will allow additional housing units that are quality in design, in areas of the city that are appropriate.

Infill Housing Committee Members:

  • Walter Burns – Neighborhood Representative
  • Joe Morris – Neighborhood Representative
  • Kevin Jester – Architects West (Architect) & Neighborhood Representative
  • Shauna Clark – First Light Properties (Builder & Designer) & Neighborhood Representative
  • Josh Suhr – CDA Association of Realtors (Realtor)
  • Jef Lemmon – JL Design Build Group (Architect & Builder)
  • Dennis Cunningham – Activewest Builders (Developer)
  • James Caper – Habitat for Humanity of North Idaho (Executive Director)
  • Chad Oakland – Northwest Realty Group (Realtor/Builder/Developer)
  • Greta Snodgrass– Tomlinson Sotheby's International Realty (Realtor)
  • Nicole Kahler – CDA 2030 (Executive Director) & Community Representative
  • Rob Orth – Tomlinson Sotheby's International Realty (Broker/Realtor)
  • Tom Messina – City of Coeur d’Alene (Planning Commissioner/Planning Commission Chair)
  • Woody McEvers - City of Coeur d’Alene (Council Member/Council President)
  • Nick Granier – North Idaho College (Marketing Director) & Community Member-at-Large

New Infill Housing Code: Timing

Tasks Completed

1.  Infill Housing Committee Workshop - 1: February 28, 2020
2.  Coeur Housing Committee Workshop - 2: June 10, 2020
3.  Coeur Housing Committee Workshop - 3: July 23, 2020
4.  Coeur Housing Committee Workshop - 4: August 27, 2020
5.  Coeur Housing Committee Workshop - 5: October 1, 2020
6.  Update City Council on Coeur Housing Progress:  October 20, 2020
7.  Coeur Housing Workshop -6  Coeur Housing VIRTUAL Community Meeting on Zoom: November 19, 2020     
8.  Coeur Housing Workshop 7 - VIRTUAL Public Meeting - Neighborhood Compatibility: January 27, 2021

Tentative Schedule and Next Steps

  1. Coeur Housing Committee Workshop #8:  TBD
          (Coeur Housing Committee)

  2. Joint Workshop #9:  TBD

          (Joint Workshop with Coeur Housing Committee, Planning Commission, and City Council)

  3. Planning Commission Hearing on new Coeur Housing Code: TBD

  4. City Council Hearing on Coeur Housing Code Adoption: TBD

These meeting dates are dependent on the timing of the Envision Coeur d'Alene (comprehensive plan update) effort and the Historic Preservation Plan.  Please stay tuned for updates.