East Sherman District Revitalization Plan

Based on community input and feedback from the East Sherman Leadership Committee, the planning document for East Sherman has been updated thanks to the help of Community Builders’ subconsultant, Cheney Bostic of Studio Seed!! 

To see the latest and greatest “DRAFT” plan (it hasn’t been adopted or formally accepted by City Council yet), you can access it from one of the links below or from the eastsherman.org project website.  One of the changes you may notice is that the title has been updated to East Sherman District Revitalization Plan so that it wouldn’t be confused with master planning documents that are commonly part of urban renewal evaluations and because it doesn’t include detailed design or engineering drawings.

The goal is to schedule meetings/study sessions with the Leadership Committee, Planning Commission and City Council in early 2020 to review the revitalization plan and begin moving forward with implementation.

[DISCLAIMER: the plan has not been presented to, accepted or adopted by the City Council yet, and thus is subject to change!]

East Sherman District Revitalization Plan (Dec 2019 DRAFT) – full size PDF (53MB)

East Sherman District Revitalization Plan (Dec 2019 DRAFT) – reduced size PDF (10MB)

Visit the East Sherman website at www.eastsherman.org for more detailed project information and ways to participate.


For summaries of the strategy workshop and design studio, visit the links below.

Envision East Sherman Strategy Workshop Summary Document

East Sherman Design Studio Summary Document