BLM Corridor from River Avenue to Highway 95

This is the narrowest developable section of the BLM Corridor, being influenced by NW Blvd’s Right-of-Way. In Concept #1, this area was presented as a ‘transition zone’ within the corridor that would accommodate a ‘commuter’ leg of the Centennial Trail, City entryway landscape enhancements and possibly future educational or other City uses. The City received a small amount of community input on this section of the BLM Corridor, so in Concept #2 the proposed uses are unchanged. 

This section of the BLM Corridor is illustrated below. 
River Ave to Hubbard Ave

In Concept #1, several ideas were presented showing waterfront access to docks, picnic areas, a parking lot, bike park and stormwater demonstration project.  Based on community input, several changes were made including reducing the number of dock slips, adding a walking trail through the bike park, relocating the stormwater demonstration project area and relocating the outdoor classroom. Community suggestions for non-motorized boat and motorized boat launches were considered, but the topography in the area would not allow cost effective launch construction. 

This section of the BLM Corridor is illustrated below.
Hubbard to Hwy 95


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