Atlas Waterfront Project

Atlas Waterfront
Tentative Meeting Schedule
Updated 3/13/19

PLEASE NOTE:  The following is a tentative meeting schedule only, and subject to change.  Please check the actual board, committee or commission web pages for posted agendas.






Council/P&R Commission Workshop, 12:00 pm, community room

Council/P&R Commission discussion re: Potential improvements in Lake District – Prioritization



Parks and Recreation Commission Mtg. #2 @ Community Room, 5:30 pm

Present P&R and Council priority list for public input. Public input opportunity.


ignite CDA Regular Meeting, 4:30 pm

Atlas project status report.


Council/ignite CDA Workshop 12:00 pm, Community Room

Council/ignite CDA discussion re: Lake District funding opportunities and Council Priorities


Planning Commission Workshop #2 11 am to 1 pm

Provide additional background on urban design approach and present development standards draft #2.




City Council, 6:00 pm

Present the public space process for developing the design, including P&R mtgs, and public input. Review the public space design, budget, add alternates, receive Council input/direction. Development  Stds.



Planning Commission Meeting 5:30 pm

Present 75% Draft for “Approval in Concept” Final approval will occur at PUD.  This meeting will have public input.


ignite cda 4:30 pm

Project Updates


City Council, 6:00 pm

Review public space Bids / Award Project


Atlas Waterfront Site
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The City of Coeur d'Alene has officially purchased nearly 47 acres of Spokane River waterfront property that was the former Atlas Mill site.  The City purchased the property for $7,850,000 and the sale was recorded on May 16, 2018, making the sale official.  The City began the process of purchasing the Atlas Waterfront property in May of 2017.  The City purchased the property to create permanent, public waterfront access and encourage economic development initiatives on the site.

The City of Coeur d'Alene is working in partnership with ignite CDA to assess all opportunities related to uses of this property and to engage the community.  The City Council and ignite CDA board members have directed staff to move forward with creating a new urban renewal district, which is being referred to as the Atlas District, and to expand the River and Lake districts.  A Site Analysis, Financial Feasibility Study and Master Planning effort is underway to develop a urban renewal plan for the project.  That effort is being led by Welch-Comer Engineers with sub-consultants Heartland and GGLO.  City staff, ignite CDA, and elected officials have been working together to provide feedback on the analysis and to provide ample opportunities for community outreach and public involvement.  Special thanks to CDA2030 and other community volunteers for making the community engagement efforts to date a success.

Here we will provide basic project information, project status updates, and when and how stakeholders and community members can get involved in sharing their thoughts on this important project.

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