Bid Solicitations

CITY BIDS: This page contains information on the City’s projects. The information contained on this page includes the Project Name, Bid opening date and time, a list of company names who obtain the bid specifications and/or archived files of those that submit bids and the amount of their bids.  Most of the bid files are in excel 2003 format.  You can also download from Microsoft the Free Excel Viewer.


   2022 Projects
  Prairie Well Pump Rehab Bid
  Remodel of Operations Building
  Tickler Filter Pump(s) Rehabilitation Project 
  RFQ Design & Construction Administration Services - Police Department Additions & Renovations 
  RFQ Development Impact Fees and Annexation Fees 
   RFP Atlas Park Mobile Concession
   RFP Construction and Operation of 2 Commercial Boat Docks Near Harbor Center on the Spokane River
  RFQ Construction Manager/General Contractor Services for Police Station Remodel
  Solids Building Improvements at the City of Coeur d' Alene Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility 
  SOQ Professional Services Consultant
  MCOP Water Meter Purchase Bids
  Kathleen Avenue Improvements Bids
  2022 Summer Project Parts List Bids
  2021 Projects
  Annie Well Pump Rehabilitation Project Bid
  MCOP Water Meter Register and Endpoint Purchase
  New Collections Building Bid
  Lacrosse Avenue Improvements Bid
  Centrifuge Pre-Purchase Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility
  Compost Biosolids Hopper Retrofit Bid
  Blackwell Booster Station Engineering Consultant Services RFP
  Huetter Well Facility Bid
  2021 Chip Seal Project - Bid
  RFP Independence Point Mobile Concession
  2021 Open Trench Project - Wastewater Utility
  New Hot Water Boiler Bid - Wastewater Department
  2020 Projects
  Atlas Well Pump Rehabilitation Bid
  Mobile Data Computers, Body Worn Cameras and In-Car Video Bid
  Transmission Line-Northern Section Water Department
  Citywide Historic Preservation Plan RFP
  3rd Street Boat Launch Replacement Project
  Tenant Improvement for Police Substation
  Fire Department Boat House Bid
  Prequalification for CDA Transmission Line-Southern Section Water Department
  2020 Fuel Services 
  Mars Meter Test Bench
  RFP Engineering Consultant Services Huetter Well and Pump Components
  2020 Chip Seal Bid
  Mobile Data Computers, Body Worn cameras
  MCOP Water Meter Purchase Bid