Mullan Road

Concept #1 presented two options for Mullan Road:  Closing the road and creating additional access through Garden Avenue, or leaving the road open but re-aligning and narrowing the road to reduce vehicle speeds and improve pedestrian and bicycle safety.  Based on feedback received from the community and balancing project costs with vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle circulation needs, the preferred option is to leave Mullan Road open, but in a “softened” condition.

The pocket dog park shown in Concept 1 has been removed, based on community input, and replaced by the Idaho Workers Memorial, previously located in the Memorial Field Plaza.  The new location for the Idaho Workers Memorial will provide a quieter location than the plaza location. Neighborhood input suggested the west Mullan Road parking lot was not desirable adjacent to the residential area. Additional earth “mounding” and landscaping was added to better screen the lot from Park Drive, but parking demands from Memorial Field and Fort Sherman Playground Park necessitate parking in this area.  

The following Concept #2 for Mullan Road reflects these changes

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