Application Forms

PLEASE NOTE: The City Council adopted Fee Increases for Application Forms and Administrative Fees on December 6, 2022 that are effective immediately. Please see updated Application Forms and refer to the new fees for the Planning Department.

All forms are in .pdf format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please click here to go to Adobe to download it.

Administrative Appeal

Plat - Short Subdivision / Condominium Application

ADU- Accessory Dwelling Unit

Subdivision Pre App 

Pre-Annexation Meeting 
(Pre-Annexation Meeting required before submitting Annexation Application)

Zoning Verification Application 
Annexation Application 
(Pre-Annexation Meeting required before submitting Annexation Application)
 Auto Dealership Application
PUD-Amendment Application

Plat- Subdivision

Certificate of Representation

PUD- Planned Unit Development

Design Departure

Mini Meeting Application

Design Review 

PUD- Limited Design

Design Review- Minor Alterations

Special Use Permit
Special Use Permit - Cell Tower

Electric and/or Barbed Wire Fence


Non-Conforming Use Certificate

Zone Change

De-Annexation Application