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Approved Backflow Prevention Assemblies protect potable water distribution systems from contamination. 

Backflow of contaminants into the drinking water supply can occur due to back-pressure or back-siphonage. Back-pressure occurs when the pressure at the point of use becomes higher than the water supply pressure from the city's water system. Sources of back-pressure include booster pumps, boilers, elevated piping and interconnections with auxiliary systems. Back-siphonage can occur when the water system's pressure falls, such as during water main breaks, firefighting efforts, or as a result of water system construction and maintenance. 
Cross-connections, permanent or temporary jumper connections are also possible, and the City of Coeur d'Alene Water Department takes steps and coordinates inspections to ensure that backflow prevention assemblies are properly installed and comply with annual testing requirements. The City of Coeur d'Alene Water Department works diligently to ensure the general public's implicit faith the water is always safe for consumption. 
Some common places around your home or property that can result in hazardous cross-connections include:
     - Irrigation or lawn sprinkler systems
     - Lawn chemical application equipment
     - Boilers
     - Pools and spas
     - Water or other fluid pumps
     - Auxiliary Water supplies (drilled wells, water storage tanks, etc.)
     - Overhead fire suppression systems

- Helpful Tips -

As the owner of the backflow assembly that is now or will be due for the annual test, it is your responsibility to ensure that the City Water Department receives a passing test report for the assembly in a timely manner.

We feel the best way to ensure this is to ask your potential tester the following five (5) questions before hiring him/her to perform the work:

  1. Are you licensed through the State of Idaho to perform Backflow Assembly Tests?
  2. Have you registered with my water purveyor and submitted necessary documents to test in their jurisdiction?
  3. Do you submit completed test reports to the customer the City Water Department promptly?
  4. If the assembly fails its initial test, do you clean the assembly and re-test immediately?
  5. If cleaning does not resolve the failure, do you have the tools and parts on hand necessary to perform repairs or do you have the ability to make repairs within ten (10) days?

Hopefully after receiving answers to these questions, you should be more informed in making the correct decision in the hiring of your backflow assembly tester.

We are required to enforce City Code 13.24 and the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality Rule IDAPA 58.01.08 dealing with cross connection control issues and the required annual testing of backflow assemblies.

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Backflow Prevention: Supporting the general public’s implicit faith that the water is always safe to drink.


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