Improper Operation Fees

"54-2402. License required. It shall be unlawful for any person who is not licensed under the provisions of this chapter to operate, offer to operate, be in responsible charge of, or to otherwise serve as operating personnel at any public drinking water system or any public wastewater system as defined in the provisions of this chapter." Section 54-2402 - LICENSE REQUIRED

Please call Utility Billing to schedule turning water off or on: 208-769-2223. Improper use of meters, hydrants, or other water facilities may result in fees:

Improper Operation of Water Facilities Fee (unauthorized operation of water infrastructure control devices including but not limited to: meter shut off valves, water main valves, or fire hydrants)

First offense: Verbal Warning
Second offense: $53.00
Third offense: $525.00 and a complaint to IBOL

Misc. Fees
Replacing Damaged Property Actual Invoice + Labor Costs

(R 24-040, 14-041, 13-059, 11,-004, 08-064)