Any questions about your water bill (paying, transferring/changing accounts, delinquent payments, usage, etc.) should be directed to the Utility Billing Department. (208) 769-2227.
The City gets water from the Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer.
The Water in the aquifer is pure. Chlorine is added at the wells to maintain purity as the water travels throughout the distribution system. A residual level between .20 and .30 parts per million of chlorine exists in the system.
No. Fluoride is not added to the City of Coeur d’ Alene water 
The City of Coeur d’ Alene takes approximately 50 bacteria tests per month at random sites through the city. We also periodically take samples for numerous chemical compounds as directed by State and Federal regulations. Results of these tests are available at our offices at 3145 N Howard St. 
Due to the inherent nature of the water system structure the water pressure will vary throughout the city. There are many variables that can influence your water pressure. Elevation, season of the year, time of day, well pumps running or not, and increased development in your area are some of the things that can affect your water pressure. We are not able to “adjust” pressures.
No. We exclusively use ground water. We have a facility near the base of Tubbs Hill that can pull lake water into the system, but it has not been used as a source since the mid-1980's. It is maintained as an emergency source only.
We do not have wells tied to specific neighborhoods. The source of the water at your house depends on which wells are running at the time as well as other variables.
During normal working hours call the office at 769-2210. Our Email address is: [email protected]. After normal working hours or on weekends and holidays call 755-9729.
In extreme emergencies where significant property damage is being sustained call 911.