Water Standard Drawings

1” Coppersetter Standard Pit Settings W-1-1 INCH PIT SET - REV 4-11-18 W-1
Water Meter Locations W-2 METER LOCATIONS - REV 4-11-18 W-2
Typical 6” Fire Hydrant Setting W-3-FIRE HYD SETTING - REV 4-11-18 W-3
Fire Hydrant Locations W-4 FIRE HYDRANT LOC - REV 4-11-18 W-4
1”-2” Curb Stop C.I. Box Assembly W-5 CURB STOP ASSY - REV 4-11-18 W-5
Typ. Frost Free Blowoff Assembly W-6 BLOW OFF ASSEMBLY - REV 4-11-18 W-6
1” Air Relief Assembly W-7 AIR RELIEF ASSY - REV 4-11-18 W-7
Approved A.C. Main Replaced Crossing  W-8 AC CROSSING - REV 4-11-18 W-8
Thrust Blocking W-9 THRUST BLOCKS - REV 4-11-18 W-9
Thrust Block Bearing Area W-10 THRUST BLOCKING - REV 4-11-18 W-10
Pipe Bedding and Backfill for Water Mains W-11 PIPE BEDDING - REV 4-11-18 W-11
Cast Iron Valve Box, Two Piece W-12 VALVE BOX - REV 4-11-18 W-12
Valve Lid Adjustment W-13 TYLER VALVE BOX - REV 4-11-18 W-13
2” Coppersetter Standard Pit Setting W-14 2 INCH PIT SETTING - REV 4-11-18 W-14
4” & Larger Dom. Meter Vault Set W-15 LARGE METER VAULT - REV 4-11-18 W-15
4” and Larger Service Setting Irr. Vault W-16 IRR METER VAULT - REV 4-11-18 W-16
4” and Larger Dom. Service Vault Set  W-17 TYPICAL METER VAULT - REV 4-11-18 W-17
Pressure Sustaining Valve Assembly W-18 PRESS SUST VALVE - REV 4-11-18 W-18
Pressure Reducing Valve Assembly W-19 PRV STATION - REV 4-11-18 W-19
RPBA Premise Isolation Standard Method  W-20 RP PREMISE ISOL - REV 4-11-18 W-20
RPBA Premise Isolation Alt. Method W-21 ALT PREM ISOL - REV 4-11-18 W-21
Approved Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker W-22 APPROVED AVB INSTALL - REV 4-11-18 W-22
Approved Pressure Vacuum Breaker W-23 APPROVED PVB ASSY - REV 4-11-18 W-23
4” or Larger DC in Vault W-24 APPROVED 4 INCH DC - REV 4-11-18 W-24
Approved 1” & 2” DC for Premise Isolation W-25 DCVA PREMISE ISOL - REV 4-11-18 W-25
Approved DC for Irrigation System W-26 APPROVED IRRIG.DCVA - REV 4-11-18 W-26
Approved Air Gap W-27 APPROVED AIR GAP - REV 4-11-18 W-27
Monitoring Well Modifications  W-28 MONITORING WELL MODS - REV 4-11-18 W-28
Valve Operating Nut Extension W-29 VALVE EXTENSIONS - REV 4-11-18 W-29
24” Manhole Cover for Meter Vault  W-30 24 INCH MH COVER - REV 4-11-18 W-30
Typical Approved RP for Irrigation System W-31 IRRIG RP ASSY - REV 4-11-18 W-31
Approved RP for Building Isolation  W-32 RP INT PREM ISOL - REV 4-11-18 W-32
1” & 2” Service Reconnect W-33 SERVICE RECONNECT - REV 4-11-18 W-33
Water Main Flushing Chart W-34 FLUSHING CHART - REV 4-11-18 W-34
Approved Pressure Testing Method W-35 PRESSURE TEST - REV 4-11-18 W-35
Allowable Leak Loss Table W-36 LEAK LOSS TABLE - REV 4-11-18 W-36
Approved RP for Premise Isolation W-37 RP SERVICE PREM ISOL - REV 4-11-18 W-37
Typical Approved DC for Building Isolation  W-38 DCVA BUILDING ISOL - REV 4-11-18 W-38
Service Abandoned at Corp Stop – IPS & PJ W-39 ABANDONED CORP - REV 4-11-18 W-39
Service Abandoned at Corp Stop – Copper W-40 ABANDONED CORP-COPPER - REV 4-11-18 W-40
Abandoning AC Pipe Direct Tap Corp Stop W-41 ABANDONED DIRECT TAP - REV 4-11-18 W-41
Approved RP for Basement Isolation W-42 RP INT BLDG ISOL BASEMENT - REV 4-11-18 W-42
Approved DC for Basement Isolation  W-43 DCVA BLDG ISOL BASEMENT - REV 4-11-18 W-43
Approved Large RP for Building Isolation  W-44 RP INT BLDG ISOL LARGE - REV 4-11-18 W-44
Approved Large RP for Basement Isolation W-45 RP INTBLDG ISOL LARGE - REV 4-11-18 W-45
Approved Large DC for Building Isolation W-46 DC INT BLDG ISOL LARGE - REV 4-11-18 W-46
Approved Large DC for Basement Isolation  W-47 DC INT BSMNT ISOL LARGE - REV 4-11-18 W-47
PNWS – AWWA RP Discharge Rates W-48 - RP DISCHARGE RATES - REV 4-11-18 W-48
1” Sample Station Assembly W-49 SAMPLE STATION - REV 4-11-18 W-49