Mature Size: Varies by cultivar (see below)
Tree Form: Varies by cultivar (see below)

Other Information: birds are attracted to the small fruit - fruit is generally not messy

Approved for use in swales
Approved for use under powerlines

Plant Approved Cultivars Only:

20' x 20' Round 5/8" red persistent fruit; pink flowers

18' x 10' Upright 1/2" red persistent fruit; white flowers

20' x 15' Narrow, upright 5/8" bright red fruit; rose red flowers
     Indian Summer

18' x 20' Round 5/8" bright red fruit; rose red flowers
     Prairifire 20' x 20' Upright, spreading, round purple leaves;Fall Color: red/green;red fruit;brightpink/red flowers
     Professor Sprenger

20' x 20' Upright, spreading 1/2" orange/red fruit; pink & white flowers
     Purple Prince

20' x 20' Rounded Purple foliage; Fall Color: bronze/green; 3/8"-1/2"maroon fruit

20' x 12' Narrow, upright Persistent fruit; white flowers w/ pink tint