Emergency Information

In an emergency you're in charge!

  • Never leave the children alone : When they are alone they have accidents with matches, the stove, deep water, poisons and falls.
  • Check that any matches or lighters are stored out of sight and above the stretch zone line : (an imaginary line around each room which is above the reach of the children)
  • Heaters : move portable heaters away from play areas. Keep the heater away from curtains and furniture also.
  • Safe objects : Trade sharp objects or electrical objects for something safe to play with.
  • DON'T SMOKE : Baby-sitters have caused child deaths as a result of smoking. Also children often try to copy what others do. Refrain from smoking around children if possible.
  • Cooking safety : Supervise children every moment in the kitchen.This is the place where most accidents happen.
  • Wear tight sleeves : Lloose sleeves can catch fire when cooking, especially over gas cooking stoves.
  • Pan fire : Smother a pan fire by covering with a lid. Turn off power or gas to the stove. Never put water in a pan fire.
  • Pot handles : Turn pot handles into the stove so children can't pull them down.
  • Dangling cords : Roll up electrical appliance cords so they can't be pulled down.
  • Burns : Put cold water on any burns. Call for medical help if skin is damaged

Fire Escape planning

  • Plan ahead : know how to get children out of bedrooms if the front or back doors are blocked by smoke. Make sure you know in advance what all your escape options are.
  • Smoke danger : smoke kills, shut doors to where the fire is if possible, to stop the smoke filling the house and blocking your escape route.
  • Crawl in smoke : show the children by crawling in smoke they can get clearer air.
  • Get outside : Make sure everyone is outside and don't try to go back into the house.
  • Call the Fire Service : (you may need to call from the house next door)
  • Know the address of the house : Give the address as, street number and name, town, and the nearest side street if you know it.

Home Security

  • Lock the doors : but be sure they can be easily opened in case of emergency.
  • Don't open the doors to anyone : The exception may be when your employer has personally told you that a caller is expected.
  • Phone calls : Be brief and businesslike on the phone. Don't encourage conversation if you don't know who the caller is.
  • Don't tell the caller you are the sitter : Tell them you will take a message and say that Mr and Mrs................ will be home shortly.
  • Leave on exterior lighting.

Top Ten Safety rules

  • Smoke alarms save lives - install and maintain them.
  • Smoking and drinking are a lethal combination. Smoking carelessness is a leading cause of fire. Don't empty ashtrays into the trash.
  • Keep matches, lighters, and candles away from children.
  • Be careful with candles. Don't leave them unattended. Never sleep with candles burning.
  • Remove electrical cords from under rugs and behind radiators. Never nail or staple the cord to walls or molding.
  • Don't overload outlets and extension cords.
  • Never put a portable space heater near drapes, furniture, bedding, or other flammable materials.
  • Move flammable liquids stored near the stove or other heat source to a safe, distant location.
  • Remove all materials on or near your stove that could catch fire, including paper, dish cloths, etc.
  • Early notification can make ALL the difference - in case of fire call 911.