Fire Cadet Program

The Fire Cadet program is aimed at high school seniors who may be interested in a career in public safety.  The ideal candidate will show a strong desire to enter the public safety field and should be a motivated individual and a self-starter.  The Cadet program allows the interested senior the ability to job shadow an assigned crew for an entire semester; training, cleaning, running calls, etc. with his/her assigned crew. The process to become a Cadet is designed to mimic that of an entry-level firefighter; an extensive application, a physical agility test, a formal interview, and a mini-academy for those that are successful. In addition to great life experience and a “back-stage” look at this esteemed profession, Cadets will receive elective credits through their school. Cadets are assigned daily didactic and manipulative assignments that are designed to give them a well-rounded look at what it takes to be a firefighter. 

This program is a cooperative effort between the Coeur d’Alene Fire Department and the Coeur D’Alene School District.  After successful completion of the application process, Cadets are assigned to a station and a crew.  They are required to complete a minimum of 80 hours per semester in order to receive their elective credits (this equates to about 5 hours per week).
Five hours is the bare minimum.  A successful candidate will spend much more time at the station.  Cadets are required to log their hours on a timesheet and are held responsible to be on time and to represent their respective schools and the CDAFD in a positive light.

At the end of the semester, each cadet will receive a completion certificate.  Each crew is encouraged to provide a letter of recommendation (if the cadet earns it) and to do something special (family dinner, etc.) for their cadet. Interested High School Seniors should contact their school counselor.  CDAFD will consider 3-5 positions per semester.

There are two recruitment periods; applications will only be accepted during these periods.  Applications turned in outside of these recruitment periods will not be accepted.  The recruitment periods will be announced to each high school and are generally mid-April and mid-November.  These application periods are open for two weeks.  Students are advised to contact their high school counselors for applications and further information.