Recreational Fires

The City does allow recreational fires as long as you can maintain at least 25’ from any structure or combustible material and the fire is kept under 2 feet high and 3 feet wide.  Weather conditions should be favorable.  Only clean untreated wood shall be burned.  
No paper, plastic, garbage, garden waste, leaves, or other products that may produce smoke emissions that are offensive to occupants of the surrounding property.  Buckets, shovels, and garden hoses connected to a working water supply or a fire extinguisher with a minimum 4-A rating shall be readily available for use at recreational fires.  Recreational fires shall be constantly attended to by a person knowledgeable in the use of fire-extinguishing equipment.  A campfire-type pit is preferable.  Nuisances, i.e., smoke, loud parties, late hours, etc., reported by affected neighbors that require a response from CDA Police and/or Fire will result in the extinguishment of the fire.  No permit is needed for the recreational fire but should be supervised at all times. (Permits are required for yard and slash) If you need further information, please call 208-769-2340

Yard Waste Permits
3 Day Slash Permits
7 Day Slash Permits