Physical Agility Criteria

Coeur d' Alene Fire Department
Training Division

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Physical Agility Criteria

The physical agility consists of six events,
which will be as follows:

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Event 1                Ladder Climb – Climb fully extended aerial ladder positioned at 70 degrees from the turntable to the top, touching the tip of the ladder and proceeding back down. This is to be a continuous climb and descent without any stops or hesitations. This is a separate untimed event from events 2-6.
Event 2 Stair Climb - Pick up hose bundle at start line by door at training tower. Carry it up the stairway to the fifth floor. Set the hose down on the finish spot.
Event 3 Hose Roll Pull  – Stand at window of fifth floor with both hands on utility line. Begin pulling line. Continue pulling until the hose roll is over the railing and on the deck floor.

Event 4 Forcible Entry Simulation -  Stand on the Forcible Entry Sled with dead blow hammer in hand. Begin striking the target with as much force as possible. Continue striking the target for 4 feet from start to end.

Event 5 Hose Drag – Pick up 150 feet of charged 1¾ inch hose and drag it for a distance of 150 feet.

Event 6 Simulated Rescue – Carry or drag the 165 lb. mannequin from the start line to the finish line for a total of 100 feet.


  All events will be done with NFPA appropriate structural helmet, gloves and coat while wearing a 30 lb weight vest. This gear shall be worn throughout all portions of the events. Applicants should bring their own PPE and closed toed footwear. If not, PPE will be provided. Footwear will not be provided. The City of Coeur d’Alene will not be responsible for the correct fit of borrowed protective clothing. Between event 1 and 2 will be a 1 minute period. The maximum time limit is 6 minutes in order to complete events 2-6