Single Family Dwellings and (Duplexes)


When requesting estimated fees for residential construction, the fees are determined by each department based on the project. Residential construction fees include much more than just building department permit fee. The information provided below is an attempt to provide you with an understanding of the estimated costs associated with residential construction fees. Fees are determined by valuation[1] and location[2].

Estimated City Department Fees to consider are:                                                                    

Impact Fees:                $1,083.85 - $1839.82  See Finance Department
Water CAP Fee: $2,672 See Water Department Schedule
Water MXU Fee:  $130                          See Water Department Schedule
Water Hookup Fee: $2,590 - $5,445* See Water Department Schedule
Sewer Cap Fee:  $3,325 ($6,650 duplex) See Wastewater Department
Sewer Hookup Fee: $550* See Wastewater Department
Huetter Fee:  $650* See Wastewater Department
Mill River Fee: $450* See Wastewater Department
Plan Review Fee:  $25 - $183.38            See Building Services Fee Schedule
Building Permit Fee: $69.26 - $1,833.72     See Building Services Fee Schedule
Stormwater Fee: $75*    See Engineering Department
Encroachment Permit Fee: $50* See Engineering Department
Mechanical Permit Fee: $100 - $200              See Building Services Applications
Plumbing Permit Fee: $100 - $200               See Building Services Applications
Street Tree Fee: $300 per frontage       See Urban Forestry
  *May or May Not Apply  
Electrical Permit Fee:     See State of Idaho Building and Safety


Special conditions may exist on the property which would require additional information and could include additional project costs. For example, if your property is located in a flood plain or slopes/hillsides, then you may be required to provide an erosion control bond, engineered footings and foundation, geotechnical report, elevation certificate or landscape bond. For more information, please contact Building Services at (208) 769-2267.


[1] Valuation shall include structural, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, interior finish, normal site preparation, architectural and design fees, overhead and profit.

[2] Currently Impact Fees are defined by the properties location within the City.














SFD Average Project Value of $200,000

Impact Fee:  $1,839.82
Water CAP:     $2,672
Water MXU:     $130
Water Hookup: $0*
Sewer CAP:      $3,325
Sewer Hookup: $0*
Huetter Fee:     $0*
Mill River Fee:   $0*
Plan Review:    $155.38
Building Permit:$1,553.75
Stormwater:     $75*
Encroachment:  $50*
Mechanical:       $200
Plumbing:         $200
Street Trees:    $300
Estimated Total $10,500.95
*May or May Not Apply