Coeur d Alene Fire Department Equipment list & Capabilities
The Coeur d’ Alene Fire Depart is a fully paid Fire Department

57 Line Personnel
4  Chief Officer – Fire Chief, 2 Deputy Chief’s, 1 Division Chief
2  Fire Inspectors
3  Office Personnel – Executive Assistant, Administrative Support, Receptionist
4 Stations
Station 1 – 320 E. Foster Ave. – L341, A22, B382, Mule
Station 2 – 3850 N. Ramsey Rd. – E322, A28, R380, R381, R389,   E320
Station 3 – 1500 N. 15th St. – E322, South Medic, E321, B354
Station 4 - 6564 N Atlas Rd,  -  E326
ICSAR – Idaho Collapse Search and Rescue – Task Force 1
Coeur d’ Alene Fire Department is Task Force 1 of 3 located in the State of Idaho, developed and supported by the Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security as a Type II Collapse Search and Rescue Team with a Nationally Certified Live Search Canine component, along with cadaver search.
              Coeur d'Alene Fire Department Apparatus
(updated 2015)