Knox Box

Knox Box Information

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In order to allow Firefighters rapid entry to properties, the CDAFD uses a designated key box system known as a Knox Box. If you are unsure if your property needs a Knox Box please contact Craig Etherton or Bobby Gonder at the Coeur d’Alene Fire Department Administration building. 769-2245. Some properties that usually require a Knox Box according to Idaho Fire Code are:

-High-rise buildings

-Gated communities

-Commercial buildings that use, store, or manufacture hazardous materials

-Buildings equipped with fire sprinkler systems and/or fire alarm systems that are monitored by an outside Central Station

-Other properties that where fire department access will be delayed as determined by the fire code official.
-All Buildings regulated by ordinance.


CDAFD recommends the 3200 series, available on The 3200 series is available in both a lift off, and hinged door model. The lift off door is the most popular model and comes in a wall mount and recess mounted model. Prices range from $199 to $279. The next most popular choice is the 3200 hinged door series, with prices ranging from $239 to $279. Also available in both surface mounted and recess mounted models. Make sure you enter the correct zip code (Coeur d'Alene) because each city has it's own Knox Box key.

( Entry System/Fire Department/Knox Box 3200 Series/enter zip code/Choose model)

Placement of Knox Box
By maintenance or near Sprinkler room door.  Between 5' and 6' high.

Question on knox box placement, contact the CDA Fire Prevention Department 208-769-2245.