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Knox Box Information

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In order to allow firefighters rapid entry to properties, the CDAFD uses a designated key box system known as a Knox Box.
If you are unsure if your property needs a Knox Box please contact Craig Etherton or Bobby Gonder at the Coeur d’Alene Fire Department Administration building. 769-2245.
Some properties that usually require a Knox Box according to the Idaho Fire Code are:

-- High-rise buildings
-- Gated communities
-- Commercial buildings that use, store, or manufacture hazardous materials
-- Buildings equipped with fire sprinkler systems and/or fire alarm systems that are monitored by an outside Central Station
-- Other properties where fire department access will be delayed as determined by the fire code official
-- All Buildings regulated by ordinance


CDAFD requires the 3200 series, available on or from the tab on our home page labeled Knox Box. 
The 3200 series is available in surface mount or recessed options as well as multiple colors.  Prices will vary and are set by the Knox company.  Items listed by clicking the Knox box tab on our home page have been approved by CDAFD.  Knox boxes may only be purchased at, any options found on other websites particularly Amazon are not approved by CDAFD and will result in the purchase of the correct Knox box before final permit sign-off.


Electronic approval by CDAFD is now required to ensure the proper product is ordered and that the installation address is correct.  All Knox boxes are keyed for a specific fire department and an error in your order may result in increased shipping costs to remedy.


The CDAFD also has a limited number of Knox Home Boxes which may be loaned out temporarily to residents experiencing medical conditions or transitioning from independent living to assisted living.

( Entry System/Fire Department/Knox Box 3200 Series/enter zip code/Choose model)

Placement of Knox Box
By maintenance or near Sprinkler room door.  Between 5' and 6' high.

For questions on Knox Box placement, please contact the CDA Fire Prevention Department 208-769-2245