Public Art Utility Boxes


Various Artists and Locations


Originally commissioned in 2012 by the Coeur d'Alene Arts Commission, this project was presented to artists, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, and other creative individuals residing within a 100 mile radius of Coeur d'Alene.  The utility boxes, which keep lights flashing and communications running, are undiscovered canvases for individuals with the imagination to cover them with their artwork.

Public art can be a change agent for the community.  It creates and enhances neighborhood and community identity.  It enhances the visual landscape and character of the city.  It turns ordinary spaces into community landmarks and promotes community dialogue and, most importantly, it is accessible to everyone.

Heart of it Awl
"Heart of it Awl"
Sherman & Lakeside
Artist:  Jeremy Deming

Sherman & 3rd
Artist:  Melissa Cole

Tug Boats
"Tug Boats & City Scape"
Location: Sherman & Government Way
Artist: Helen Stephenson

Flower Cart
"Along Came a Flower Cart"
Sherman & 8th
Artist: Kay O'Rourke

Frog & Hummingbirds
"Frog & Hummingbirds"
Sherman & 7th
Artist: Chuck Houck

Moose & Fly Fishing
"Moose & Fly Fishing"
Government Way & Harrison
Artist: Kenneth Jungjohann

Something's Fishy
"Something's Fishy"
Artist:  Debbie McCulley
Location:  7th & Lakeside

House Hunting
"Housing Hunting" and "Who's House"
Artist:  Debbie McCulley
Location:  1st & Sherman 

Electric Daisy
Artist:  Jamey Cunningham
Location:  4th & Lakeside

Artist:  Tom Hanson
Location:  Riverstone Park Stage

Exhibit Hall
"The Exhibit Hall"
Artist:  James Doyle
Location:  Government Way & Ironwood

Blue Neon & Blue Neon Rays
"Blue Neon" & "Blue Neon Rays"
Artist:  James Doyle
Location:  Riverstone & Seltice

Artist:  Gay Waldman
Location:  Riverstone

Ramsey Box
Ramsey Elementary School
Artists:  Students
Location:  Kathleen & Ramsey

Woodland School
"Tame Your Hunger"
Woodland Middle School
Artists:  Students
Location:  Kathleen & Atlas

Lakes Middle School
Lakes Middle School
Artists:  Students
Location:  15th & Harrison

Coeur d'Alene High School
CdA High School
Artists:  Students
Location:  Government Way & Kathleen

Sorenson Elementary School
Sorenson Magnet School
Artists:  Students

Location:  11th & Sherman

Lake City High School
Lake City High School
Artist:  Jessica Medeiros
Location:  Ramsey & Dalton


"Bikes" and "Fish & Lure"
Artist:  Joe McGee
Location:  15th & Best Avenue

"Love the Coeur d'Alene's - City, Lake and Forest"
Artist:  Linda Lantzy
"Running Colors"
Artist:  Hayley Shortridge-Gabriel
Location:  3rd & Harrison Avenue

Artist:  Mary Dee Dodge
Location:  3rd & Sherman Avenue

"A Day in the Clouds"
Artist:  Suzanne Faraca
"Pursuit - 1"
Artist:  Tom Hanson
Location:  4th & Best Avenue

"Mudgy & Millie on Sherman Avenue"
"Mudgy & Millie at the Park"
Artist:  Charles Reasoner
Location:  5th & Sherman Avenue

"In the Garden"
Artist:  Lynn Hanley
"Dance at Dusk"
Artist:  Debbie McCulley
Location:  Appleway & Ramsey Road

"Curiosity" and "Lost But Not Forgotten"
Artist:  Jason Sanchez
Location:  Government Way & Hanley

"Yap Keehn Um Beach"
Artist:  Julie Rae Clark
Location:  Hanley & Ramsey Road

"The Usual Suspects" and "Dawn on Fernan Lake"
Artist:  Stephen Shortridge
Location:  Northwest Blvd. and Ironwood Drive

"Stickman" and "Daisies"
Artist:  Christina Labang
Location:  Riverstone & Lakewood Drive

Artist:  Kenneth Jungjohann
Location:  Highway 95 & Emma

Canfield Middle School
Artists:  Students
Location:  15th Street & Shadduck Lane

Fernan Elementary School
Artists:  Students
Location:  15th Street & Sherman Avenue

"Birchwood Bear & On Golden Pond"
Artist:  Melissa Cole
Location:  Government Way & Appleway

"On the Beach & Peculiar Dreams"
Artists:  Terry Lee & Amanda Adams
Location:  Government Way & Neider

"The Osprey"
Artist:  Morgan Breish
Location:  2nd & Sherman Avenue

"Buzzing Around" & " Summer Line Up"
Artist:  Christina Hull
Location:  Bellerive Lane, Riverstone

"Coeur d'Alene Treasures" & "Northwest Menagerie"
Artist:  Debbie McCulley
Location:  Garden & Northwest Boulevard

"City Beach"
Artist:  J. R. McCurdie
Location:  4th & Sherman Avenue

"Pimp Daddy" & "Sudan"
Artist:  Cole Chandler
Location:  19th & Young Avenue

"Western Sky"
Artist:  Gay Waldman
Location:  Ironwood & Medina

"Fish Inn"
Artist:  Janet Launhardt
Location:  23rd Street & Sherman Avenue

"Bald Eagle at Higgens Point"
Artist:  Jackie McNeel
Location:  Government Way & Canfield

"Home in the Trees"
Artist:  Christina Oss Labang
Location:  Kathleen & Prairie Trail Crossing

"Fern Falls"
Artist:  Joel McNee
Location:  Government Way & Wilbur

"Mountain Bluebird"
Artist:  Joel McNee
Location:  5992 N. Atlas Road

"Autumn Aria"
Artist:  Gay Waldman
Location 18 E. Neider Avenue

"Lake Aurora"
Artist:  Gay Waldman
Location:  Highway 95 & Ironwood Drive

Artist:  Jamey Cunningham
Location:  1415 E. Lunceford Lane

"Sunset View-80yr Windmill"
Artist:  Joel McNee
Location:  4303 N. Atlas Road

Artist:  Eliza Nicholson
Location:  512 N. 5th Street

"Cloud Dancer"
Artist: Judy Hohl
Location:  302 S. 19th Street

"A Joyful Place"
Artist:  Julie Rae Clark
Location:  1504 E. Harrison Ave

"Echoes of Spring"
Artist:  Judy Hohl
Location:  1204 N. 3rd Street

Artist:  Christina Oss Labang
Location:  3360 N. Grand Mill Lane