Residential Applications

Residential Building Permit Application 

At the time of a residential building permit application submittal, you will need to provide one PDF of the plan set on a CD.

A plan review fee is due at the time you submit the application and plans. Check or cash is preferred. A non-refundable convenience fee will be added for credit card payments. 

       All revisions to the original submittal require a ROUTING FORM.

Architects and Contractors can setup a login account to submit plans and revisions electronically.

Demolition Permit Application
A demolition permit is required for a complete or partial demo if you are planning on starting the demolition before the building permit is ready to be issued.

Encroachment Permit Application
An encroachment permit is required when work is performed in the City right-of-way. Are you working in the Idaho Transportation Department right-of-way? Please be aware

        Irrigation Permit Information

Contractor Registration Exemption Declaration

Permit Extension Request

Fee Schedule
        Estimated Fees

Manufactured Home Permit Application

Mechanical Permit Application
         Duct Leakage Affidavit Form
         Manual J and D Worksheets
         Mechanical Permit Memorandum 11.25.09

Plumbing Permit Application
          Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA) Irrigation Installation
          List of Testers for DCVA

Refund Request
Reroof Permit Application

Siding Permit Application

Window and Door Permit Application