COR Vision Group Meeting Survey Results

The following are documents related to the survey results from the February 7, 2018 COR Vision Group Meeting. Most participants utilized hand-held voting remotes, and due to some remotes not working properly, several participants utilized paper ballots.

Information from the electronic polling and the paper ballots are shown here separately and combined, as well as written comments received at the meeting.

Here is a brief summary of any result changes when paper ballots were added to the electronic results:

  • Question 1: new top answer is all of the above (electronic response only was ped/bike access)
  • Question 5: new second place answer is science & technology center (electronic votes only had arena/sports complex in second place)
  • Question 8: new top answer is 50%:50% (electronic votes only had 25%:75% as top answer)
  • Question 9: No opinion went to third place, dropping not important to last place
  • Question 10: new second place answer is now multi-modal (was energy efficient design)
  • Question 11: rankings remained the same, but accessible swim area is more significantly ranked as top choice

Combined voting of electronic and paper results

Electronic results report

Meeting PowerPoint presentation (includes electronic results as displayed live)

Paper ballots (scans of ballots)

Written comments