What We All Can Do to Prevent Water Pollution

To Protect our Water Quality

At Home

  • Dispose of dirty carpet cleaning solution down a sink or toilet.
  • Clean paint supplies in a utility sink, not onto the street, or storm drain.
  • Dispose of animal waste by picking it up, bagging it and placing in garbage.
  • Use biodegradable soap when washing exterior walls and windows. 
  • De-ice with sand instead of salts and chemicals. Sweep up the sand before the next rainstorm.
  • Dispose of household hazardous waste properly.
  • For information on proper disposal contact the Kootenai County Transfer Station at (208) 446-1430.
  • Report Stormwater issues, concerns and illegal dumping.

 In our Yards

  • Sweep driveway and sidewalk instead of hosing debris into the street or storm drain.
  • Compost or recycle yard waste when possible.
  • Have soil tested before applying fertilizers.
  • Use pesticides and fertilizers sparingly.
  • Clean tools over grass or soil covered area where wash water will not enter the street.
  • Empty pool or spa water into the sewer or when chlorine residual is zero, use for irrigation water.

 With our Cars

  • Recycle used motor oil, for information contact Kootenai County Transfer Station at (208) 446-1430.
  • Use a drain pan to catch automotive fluid when changing oil, antifreeze or other fluids.
  • Use sawdust, cat litter or other absorbent material on spills, sweep up and dispose in garbage.
  • Use biodegradable soap to wash your car.
  • Wash the car on your lawn or at a commercial car wash, which disposes of the wash water properly.

          Volunteer for  litter pickup or storm drain stenciling.