Request for Recalculation of Drainage System Utility Fee

What if I do not agree with the Drainage System Utility Fee that I am charged by the City?

Customers who do not agree with the Drainage System Utility Fee they receive should first contact Utility Billing at 769-2223 or 769-2227. City representatives can answer your drainage questions. If, after contacting the city, you still feel your Drainage System Utility Fee is incorrect, you may request that the fee be recalculated and ultimately, you may appeal the fee to the City Council.

Please CLICK HERE to download and print an appeal form.  A customer service representative can also mail or fax this form to a property owner.

What can be appealed?

Owners who wish to appeal their Drainage System Utility Fee may dispute the following:

  • Parcel ownership
  • Amount of impervious area/incorrect calculation
  • Stormwater classification

Note: The burden of proving the appeal is on the property owner. A dispute of impervious area must be proven using drawings and measurements.