Grassy Swales


Swale maintenance is the very model that shows a partnership between property owner and the maintenance utility. Every year stormwater maintenance rebuilds swales that have reached their  maximum life.
By partnering with the citizens, the utility is able to better manage our stormwater responsibilities and keep the cost to the citizen's low .
Residential streets are swept 5 to 7 times a year and Arterial streets swept twice monthly. Besides keeping our town clean, this will help debris from building up in front of the scuppers (openings) and creating sod dams. If you notice a dam starting to build we would encourage you to take a shovel and clear these to insure proper flow.
Remember: The general maintenance (watering, mowing, weed-eating of swales) is the responsibllity of the abutting or adjacent property owner.
Try not to over water your swale. Most grasses in this area do not need a significant amount of water to stay green.
Swales by design are to purge slowly into the soil. After a significant rain event you will see standing water in your swale. This is not uncommon.


For questions on swale maintenance [email protected]