5 year Sidewalk Plan

ADA guides us to prioritize repairs first in civic areas followed by commercial areas, then residential areas. This guidance helped us in preparing our 5 year model. With over 300 + Ped Ramps placed or constructed in the last 3 years, a committee looked at these areas as an investment that we should capitalize on and target for sidewalk repairs first. 

The intent of the committee was to provide accessibility in areas that we have invested as a city. By providing routes not necessarily whole streets it was felt this would serve our community with a better common sense approach. This 5 year plan will also meet the criteria set by the ADA guidelines of civic, commercial and residential considerations. Other routes for future consideration defined by the Priority Plan Committee were: Mullan/Garden Avenue corridor to NIC, Bike Path corridors.
Street/ Year
* 2019- 2020
CDBG Funded project 21st Sherman to Coeur d'Alene Avenue (Eastside)
4th Street mid-town project
Front Avenue, 8th  to 15th  

* 2020-2021
Front Avenue 15th to 23rd .
4th Street mid-town project

* 2021- 2022
11th Street Sherman to Hastings (Eastside)

* 2022- 2023
11th Street Sherman to Hastings (Westside)

* 2023- 2024
7th Street , Harrison to Locust
Am I still responsible for the sidewalk abutting my property?
Yes, the homeowner is still responsible for sidewalk repair and maintenance in accordance with Municipal Code Chapter 12.20. The city's five year plan is a systematic approach to meeting ADA standards; however, it may take over 25 years to complete the entire city. Code enforcement complaints may still be enforced as well as Municipal Code 12.24.010, which requires property owners to remove snow, filth, dirt, and obstructions. Additionally, it is the City's policy to require compliance with all codes when a building permit is pulled for work valued at more than $30,000.00. In this case, sidewalks will be required to be brought up to code. Specifically, Municipal Code 12.20.100, states "It shall be the duty of the owner of all property within the city to maintain sidewalks abutting his property at all times in a safe and proper condition whether or not he has received a notice from the city as provided in this chapter."