Posted: 1/20/2023 3:26:02 PM

The City is fast approaching the Short-Term Rental Permit annual renewal date of March 1, 2023.  Information regarding the concentrated areas of town has not been provided by the sub-contractor (Granicus), so development of any substantial code amendments has been delayed.  Therefore, staff is making the following recommendations to the Planning Commission on February 14, 2023, and to the City Council on February 21, 2023, to be enacted immediately thereafter:

  • Code Amendment: Recommendation to repeal Municipal Code Section 17.08.1030 (G,) which allows for a 14-day exemption, as it is not something that can be easily monitored.

  • Internal Process: The current permit holders will be allowed to renew their permit for one (1) year, with no new applications taken during this year.  This will give the City and the property owners time to have discussions regarding additional changes to the code, in hopes of completing any needed code changes within 6-months.

  • Fees: A fee increase to the annual renewal of $84.00 for a total of $180.00, and violation fees for operating without a permit as follows: $1,000.00 for the first offense, $2,000 for the second, and $5,000 for the third will be proposed at the February 21, 2023 Council meeting.

 Questions may be directed to Renata McLeod, City Clerk, 208-769-2231 or at