Mayor and Council Statement

Posted: 7/17/2020 5:25:53 PM
As the elected leaders of this great City, we find it important to address concerns that
racism is visible and active in our community. On July 16th, the band Nu Jack City,
which was scheduled to perform at an event, cancelled at the last minute. The band’s
spokesperson stated that the concerns were COVID-related as well as racism that
might directly affect their friends or families.

First let us state our profound sadness that any visitor or resident of our City would feel
less than welcome. We are a City with a rich history of standing up for all people to be
treated with dignity and respect. We have an unshakeable commitment to celebrate
and honor diversity and dignity for all.

Let us be perfectly clear. We do not support any activity or statements that are racist or
unkind to others. We are a City that strongly supports human rights and civil rights. We
do not support or condone hate crimes or malicious harassment, and will always stand
on the side of justice for all.

Our City continually grows, learns, and heals from a racist past that we never accepted
and fought strongly against. In 1987 Mayor Ray Stone, on behalf of the City, accepted
the "Raul Wallenberg Civic Award" for our support and advocacy of human rights. We
are proud to represent our citizens and continue in this tradition.