Aerial Fireworks Illegal in Kootenai County

Posted: 6/30/2020 10:00:29 AM

The Kootenai County Fire Chiefs would like to remind all residents that aerial fireworks, any firework that leaves the ground greater than 10 feet, are illegal in all areas of Kootenai County.

Only fireworks which contain the Safe and Sane marking, or were sold from local vendors stand with an issued permit are allowed.  These stands and their products are approved and tested by local fire department personnel.

We understand that the loss this year of many of the professional shows in our area may tempt residents to create their own big show but aerial fireworks are not allowed in any area of Kootenai County.

Illegal aerial fireworks can be very traumatic for pets and many of our combat war veterans. So please be respectful of your neighbors.

Fireworks are not allowed in any City Parks and are never allowed in campsites in the forests.

Fireworks accounted for 15,600 fires in 2013 and almost half of the fires that started on July fourth were caused by fireworks, per the NFPA.

If a fire is caused by your release of fireworks, call 911 immediately. 

Please also remember that the end of a sparkler can burn at a temperature of 1,200 degrees and should not actually be used by children as 35% of emergency room visits are for children under the age of 15, according the CPSC, and over a quarter of those were for burns.

If you do choose to light off Safe and Sane fireworks here are a few tips:

  • Only responsible and sober adults should be lighting fireworks
  • Ensure that you have a ten foot diameter clear area, mineral soil or pavement, around your fireworks.
  • Never try to re-light a “Dud”, wait ten minutes then place the Dud in a pail of water.
  • All fireworks should be soaked in a pail of water before discarding, we recommend overnight soaking.
  • Never place fireworks into a garbage can until they have been thoroughly wet down.
  • Always have a shovel and water readily available to extinguish  any fires you may notice
  • Call 911 immediately if a fire cannot be immediately extinguished.
  • Any unused fireworks should be placed in a pail of water before discarding them in the trash.