Meter Change Out Program

Posted: 5/12/2020 12:43:35 PM

Starting May 18th, and continuing to October 31st, 2020, the City of Coeur d’Alene Water Department will be conducting a routine meter change out program.  Water meters require service between 8 and 10 years due to age, use and transmitter battery condition.  This process takes on average about 30 minutes to perform.  In order to keep this necessary maintenance work up to date, we will need to access your water meter.  We will have to shut off the water for a short period of time, install a new meter, and perform a short flush to purge air from the plumbing system.  If city personnel cannot contact you during the change out, a blue door hanger will be left notifying you that the water meter has been changed at your residence.

We will have a crew of workers changing meters in your area sometime during this period.  They will be in yards, on sidewalks and working up and down the streets.  City crews will have proper credentials, to include city vehicles and attire.  This year’s meter change out boundary will start from the North East corner of Gov’t Way and Appleway Ave., to the East end of Best Ave. It will continue to the South East corner of Kathleen and Government Way to the East end of Shadduck Ln. Please see the map on the City website. 

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach the Water Department main office at 208-769-2210.

Regulation III: Service Piping on Customer Premises: (Approved by Council Resolution #81-29, 12/1/1981)

Access to Property:

All officers and employees of the City shall have free access at all reasonable hours to any and all parts of property and building supplied by water, for the purpose of installing meters and other appliances desired by the City in rendering service therein, for the purpose of reading meters, inspection, or for repairing or removing any property of the City's installed thereon. The water supply will be shut off from all premises where such inspection is refused, and not turned on again until such work is allowed.