Summer Chip Seal Project

Posted: 7/19/2019 2:38:37 PM

The Cities of Coeur d’Alene, Hayden and Dalton Gardens have partnered to apply a chip seal to several roads in the area.  Like the last several years, this partnership has allowed all three cities to save money by capitalizing on an economy of scale; increased quantities tend to yield lower unit prices.   Roads to receive the chip seal surface are the following:




Coeur d’Alene

Hanley, Ramsey to Courcelles Parkway

Seltice Way, Northwest Blvd to Riverstone Dr.

15th, Best to Dalton

12th, Lunceford to Elderberry Circle

Elderberry Circle

Dalton, Stafford to St. Michelle

Courcelles Parkway, St. Michelle to Hanley Ave

Dalton Gardens

15th, Dalton to Deerhaven

Wilbur, Govt Way to 15th


Valley Way, Hayden to Dakota

Meadow Way, Hayden to Dakota

Reed, Honeysuckle to Hayden

Placer Ct.

Dee Ct.

Maple, Wyoming to Buckles

Dakota, Atlas to Ramsey

Dakota, Reed to US 95

Hayden, Govt Way to Pine Valley Ct.


During the chip seal process traffic restrictions will be in place.  Additional notification will be provided to homes/businesses on any of these roadways prior to work starting. To minimize inconvenience the cities ask that:

  • If your business fronts one of these roads, turn off irrigation by midnight the day before both the chip seal and the fog seal are scheduled as water damages the seals.  We understand that high temperatures are forecasted and this is an inconvenience. Irrigation can be turned back on 2 hours after the chip seal or fog seal is complete.
  • Expect temporary traffic delays.  If you expect deliveries, let them know about the chip seal. 
  • For two weeks after the chip seal, keep speeds very low on the new chip seal roadway.
  • For two weeks after the chip seal, turn at intersections and into your driveway very carefully to minimize damage to the new chip seal as it cures. 
  • Road oils may get on shoes, so take precautions when entering your home or business.
  • Road oils may get on cars if they are parked in the roadway or if drivers disregard traffic control signs or flaggers.
  • The road will be swept during the night after the chip seal to allow the oil to set in cooler temperatures.  Before the road is swept initially, the road will seem gravelly and low speeds will be necessary.  The road will be swept several times in the weeks after the chip seal.  
  • A few days to a week following the chip seal, the road will be fog sealed, which is another layer of liquid asphalt applied to the roadway. 


The purpose of a chip seal is to preserve the existing roadway by providing a renewed driving surface and sealing the road substructure from water, which tends to expedite damage.  This type of treatment is very common for our climate and is an effective maintenance tool.


City of Coeur d’Alene TENTATIVE Dates:


Chip Seal

July 24th & 25th – 15th Street

July 25th & 26th – Seltice Way

July 29th – Hanley Ave

August 5th & 6th – 15th Street

August 8th – Elderberry Circle, 12th Street and Glenberry Court

August 8th & 9th – Seltice Way

August 12th – Hanley & Dalton


Fog Seal

August 13th & 14th – 15th Street

August 14th – Elderberry Circle, 12th Street and Glenberry Court

August 15th – Seltice Way

August 16th – Hanley & Dalton


Friday, August 23rd – Final Sweep