Streets Spring Cleanup Begins

Posted: 3/22/2019 2:47:02 PM

Spring has officially sprung, and your Streets and Engineering Department crews are working diligently to clean up after winter’s late arrival. We are currently filling all major potholes as they develop and we are fixing road damage caused by frost heaves.

During this part of the thawing season, streets can begin to break apart requiring crews to rebuild sections of roadway. Citizens will see crews in these areas excavating. They will then compact the road base to allow for the safe movement of traffic. Once the asphalt plants are in full operation, we will return to these locations to pave them back permanently.

Your help and patience are much appreciated as we attempt to win the war against Mother Nature.

Citizens are encouraged to report road issues such as potholes and frost heaves through our website link below.


Motorcycles and bicyclists should be extra cautious during these upcoming weeks. While everyone is excited to get out and take full advantage of the beautiful weather, we still have lots of sand on the road to clean up. Sweepers will begin clearing all arterials and collectors on Monday, March 25, and we will move into the residential areas as soon as snow berms have receded.

As temperatures and weather conditions allow, we will begin striping our roadways, starting with the areas that have faded the most over the winter.

Once we begin sweeping the residential neighborhoods, we will update our online map (link below) so that homeowners can track our progress and move their vehicles off of the street at the appropriate time.


Happy Spring from your Streets and Engineering Department!