A What Not To Flush Guideline


While using paper towels, “flushable wipes,” and facial tissue during a state of emergency sounds like a good idea, please remember that these products are still garbage and should be treated as such. These items have a high probability of clogging your drain line resulting in a call to a plumber that could be avoided. Please keep a garbage can by your toilet should you need to utilize one of the alternative products.


At 11:30 a.m. we began a test to show how different paper products break down in water.

After a short 5 second aggressive agitation

After six minutes in water and another aggressive agitation

After 34 minutes and one last agitation:

As you can see the toilet paper has broken down very well and is dispersing. The Kleenex is beginning to shows signs of coming apart but is still solid. The paper towel and “flushable” wipe are still holding strong.