• 210 miles of gravity collection piping
  • 10 “lift stations” that lift the sewage collected in low-lying residential areas to higher gravity collection pipes
  • 4400 manholes
  • 3 siphons
  • 5 Collection Operators, 1 Collection Supervisor and 1 Field Inspector
  • 2 “jet trucks” for cleaning
  • 1 “rod” trailer for cleaning
  • 1 tanker truck for flushing
  • 1 TV truck with camera that can go down lines (pipe) as small as 6 inches and as large as 36 inches

City Responsibilities

The city owns and maintains the mains in the streets, alleyways, and those lines that are sometimes buried across "open" fields.  The sewer connection from these mains to the homes or businesses is called a service lateral and is the responsibility of the lot owner.  This includes the portion of service lateral beneath the sidewalk, curb, or street. 

In the event of a backup, it is most likely in the lateral and is the customer's responsiblity.  However, the City would like you to contact us first unless it is known that your service lateral is the problem.  The City has an operator on call 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.  A customer may call the emergency number - 769-2241 - and an operator will respond to determine the most likely cause.  The customer may also call a plumber and they will call us if they feel it is necessary. 

Tank Truck

Little Jet Truck  

TV Truck