Community Arts Support Program

The Coeur d’Alene Arts Commission is seeking opportunities to promote community involvement in the arts through granting one-time or re-occurring funding in support of local arts organizations, projects or programs offering visual or performance arts education, participation opportunities for individuals or adults, and those artistic endeavors that contribute to the quality of life and economic stimulation of the community. We aim to stimulate innovative ideas for creating new access to Coeur d’Alene citizens to experience and benefit from the arts.

Program Details:

This funding opportunity allows for a one-time support amount or re-occurring support amount for the term of up to one year depending on the program. Maximum funding is $12,000 per award, per fiscal year. Eligible organizations, projects or programs include proposed projects, one-time, or re-occurring, events or classes aimed at providing an arts or cultural impact on the community. All supported organizations, projects or programs must take place within Coeur d’Alene and must be open to public participation. Funds may not be used for food and drink, religious services, fundraising, or for an activity that took place before a contract has been awarded. To ensure a fair and open opportunity for all citizens to participate, all programs must either allow open public participation or free admission through scholarships.

Who can apply:

Individuals, groups of people, or organizations seeking support for a one-time or re-occurring project, opportunity, or event involving arts and culture.

Organizations do not have to be a 501(c)(3), but must provide artistic or cultural programming or projects that create public benefit.

A project or program currently funded by the City of Coeur d’Alene is not eligible for Community Arts Support Program funding in the same fiscal year.


All submissions must be made using the attached form.

Submissions must be received between August 4, 2017 and August 31, 2017 for funding in the following fiscal year (October 1, 2017 – September 30, 2018).

If needed after initial review, Commission may request further information and/or a meeting with applicants for further discussion.

All applicants chosen to receive funding will be notified in writing and will be asked to do the following:
  • Sign a Letter of Agreement with the City of Coeur d’Alene pledging to accomplish the project within one year (between October 1 and September 30).
  • Submit a final program or project report detailing use of funding and outlining how public benefit was achieved.
  • Have a Social Security Number or Federal Tax identification number issued by the Internal Revenue Service.
  • For events only; insurance may be required.
  • All promotional items, regardless of media format, created for funded programs must have an approved CDA Arts Commission logo and support acknowledgement.
  • Recipients must accept and comply with payment schedules and reporting requirements as outlined below:
    • Single events, programs or projects lasting one month or less will receive lump sum award. A final report on use of funds is due within 30 days after the event, program, or project concludes (unless it ends in September, in which case the report must be provided prior to the next fiscal year).
    • Events, programs or projects running less than six months will provide quarterly and final reports and will receive a first installment and last installment of the award, divided in half. Quarterly reports will be required to ensure all standards and requirements are met. Failure to abide by reporting rules, standards, or other requirements may result in loss of eligibility for future funding or cancellation of remainder of award.
    • Events, programs or projects running six months or longer will receive funding on a quarterly basis and provide quarterly reporting and a final report pursuant to the same standards addressed for events, programs, or projects running less than six months.

Additional Information:

All granted funding must be expended within the fiscal year in which it was granted.

Applicants, including previous funding recipients, may apply each fiscal year.

All applicants acknowledge that they are required to comply with the City’s law prohibiting discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations related to sexual orientation and/or gender identity/expression (Chapter 9.56 CMC).

To begin your submission:

For questions, please contact Deputy City Administrator Sam Taylor, Arts Commission Liaison, at