License Application: Childcare: Teacher/Care Provider

Step: Overview

Fee: $10.00

Additionally, an FBI Background Check will need to be performed. This costs $10.00 for the Police Department to perform the fingerprinting needed by the FBI and then $41.50 for the FBI Background Check itself.

Renewal Fee: $10.00

Note: A 2.5% non-refundable convenience fee (minimum of $1.00) will be added for online credit card payments.

To submit a requirement online, you'll need to have an electronic version of it. Most often, this will be a "PDF" file.

Please note that you do not have to submit requirements online. This option is offered both for your convenience, as well as to streamline our processing of licenses.

However, all requirements must be received prior to issuance of a license.

NEW License Requirements

Name Can be submitted online?
FBI Background Check No
Infant/Child CPR Yes
Safe Sleep Class Yes
TB (Tuberculosis) Test Yes

RENEWAL License Requirements

NOTE: If you can, please track down the license # of your previous license.

We'll ask for it in the next step, and if you can provide it to us, it makes "linking" this renewal with the details of the previous license much easier!
Name Can be submitted online?
Childcare Continuing Ed Yes
Infant/Child CPR Yes
I have the online documentation ready that I want to submit online right now, so let's