Leaf Pickup Schedule

Leaf-Fest 2018

Please follow us around on the interactive map 


· You may start putting your leaves out Friday November 2nd.

· Please move cars out of the street if at all possible during leaf pick-up.

· Keep the leaves about one foot off the curb line to facilitate storm water flow.

· Be alert for leaf pick-up equipment traveling through your neighborhood.

· Keep a safe distance away from leaf pick-up heavy equipment.

· Recognize that we have a tough job to do in a very short window between when the leaves fall and when the snow flies.

· Understand that city and private trucks are exempted from covering loads during the leaf pick-up period. Sweepers will follow city trucks to collect remaining/excess leaves.



· Place bagged leaves in street.

· Mix branches, rubble or other refuse in with the leaves.

- Miss the deadline… we only have time for one pass!


If you have questions or need additional information please check the website streets.cdaid.org or call the Street Maintenance Information line 208.769.2233.