Community Action Team


Community Action Team (C.A.T.)

The Community Action Team was founded in 2016 to address specific community problematic issues and also to create a more engaging relationship with the community. The Community Action Team works in cooperation with surrounding State, Local and Federal Agencies to help the Coeur d’ Alene Police Department drive down crime statistics. Additionally, the Community Action Team participates in several community engagement activities throughout the year to seek input from the community with regards to crime trends, suspicious activity or any other general concerns observed in effort to better deter and resolve crime in Coeur d’ Alene.  

In 2017, the Community Action Team embarked in a partnership with the U.S. Marshal’s Office and all members of the Community Action Team are now part of the Greater Idaho Task Force. This endeavor allows for enhanced apprehension tools in an effort to apprehend violent criminal offenders, thus helping make Coeur d’ Alene a safer community for all to enjoy.

The Community Action Team consists of a team of motivated and proactive sworn Officers. The team takes pride in serving Coeur d’ Alene, deterring crime and making a positive impact in the community.