Identity Theft File


If you are a victim of identity theft and the crime occurred within the jurisdiction of the Coeur d’Alene Police Department AND you file a crime report with our Department, you have the option to complete two forms which will allow us to enter your information into  an “Identity Theft File”. This file serves as a means for law enforcement to “flag” stolen identities and assist in identifying the imposter if encountered by law enforcement. After you have filed your crime report, you can download and print out two forms from our website (or you can pick up copies at the Coeur d’Alene Police Department). These forms are the “Identity Theft File Consent Document” and the “Identity Theft File Entry Document”. Once completed, you can mail them to our Records Division or drop them off in person at our Front Desk during normal  business hours. Please remember we need BOTH forms and the Consent Document form MUST BE SIGNED by you. You will be given a report number at the time you file the crime report and this report number must be added to both forms. Additionally, a photo of you may be uploaded to this file by our Department, which will serve as an additional means of victim identification. Typically this photo will be your current Driver’s License photo.


Your information will only be added after we verify a crime report has been filed and we received the signed consent form. The Identity Theft File Entry Document requires a Password and this should be a password that only you can easily remember. You may be asked for your password during any subsequent law enforcement enounters in order for law enforcement to verify if you are the victim and not the person using your false identity. An individual may not be arrested or detained solely upon positive information obtained from an Identity Theft File reponse, but this will serve as a tool for law enforcement to aid in the furtherance of your indentity theft investigation.  Again, this file is only an option for you to use and to assist law enforcement in potentially identifying the person responsible for stealing your personal information.

Identity Theft File Consent and Entry Form