In order to obtain any type of permit, the contractor must hold a current Idaho Contractors Registration Number unless you meet the criteria for an exemption.  If you have questions please contact the Bureau of Occupational Licensing directly in Boise at 208-334-3233 or go to:  State of Idaho Contractor Registration Information

Commercial Applications

Residential Applications

FORMS (HANDOUTS) - Displayed in PDF format

       Accessibility (2009)

       Air Barrier and Insulation Inspection Component Criteria
       Alternate Brace Panel 2012 IRC

       Armstrong Geotechnical Report

Attic Access in closet or small room

Bollard Post

Deck Guide (Residential)

Design Criteria

Drywall Nailing Fasteners

Egress Window (opening for people to exit or firefighters to enter a building/dwelling)

Fastener Schedule for Structural Members

Firewall typically between house and garage

Firewall Exterior  next to a property line

Firewalls - Gypsum Area Separation GA-620-2001

Footing and Foundation details

Manufactured Homes Designation

Manufactured Housing (Residential) Landing and Stair Requirements

Manufactured Homes Installation Standard for Idaho

Manufactured Home Rehabilitation
       The State governs any rehabilitation that may be required.