Snow Information

The City's snow information page provides information on winter snow fight planning, an interactive snow plowing progress map, as well as fun winter activities we host in partnership with local schools. Click the left-hand sidebar links for details on these issues.

If you have a specific question, please call the department at (208) 769-2235.

Snow Plow Map

MOBILE USERS: Visit this link for a mobile-friendly map.

Note: This map is only live during snowy times when plowing is necessary. A note here will indicate if it is currently live. The City's goal this year is to have the entire community plowed within 30 hours. See how we prioritize roads to plow in our annual City Council-adopted Snow Plan in the sidebar menu.

This map shows plowed areas or roads in blue. Green represents where plows are now and orange is where we will be next. 

Map Status: Live  

Update Sunday February 18, 2018

Storm Gil Eanes

Crews worked around the clock last night to we will continue today to push snow in the residential areas. Sanders as well as deicers will be out in the neighborhoods as well as the arterials.