Memories From My Childhood

"Memories From My Childhood"
Artist:  Rolf Goetzinger
Location:  Sherman Square Park, 316 Sherman Avenue

In June, 2016, the Coeur d'Alene Arts Commission issued a Call to Artist for a mural in Sherman Square Park, 316 Sherman Avenue.  No theme was suggested allowing for open interpretation and creativity to make a lasting impression on residents and visitors.

The "Memories From My Childhood" mural was selected by the public art selection committee, which consisted of seven (7) voting members, including arts professionals, artists, citizens, and a council member.  Artist Statement:  "As cities like Coeur d 'Alene grow and evolve, I feel it is always of great value to remember what makes this city a wonderful place to live and destination to visit. The concept "memories from my childhood" depicts a time that this city drew visitors for fun and amusement in a place called Playland Pier, a midway that drew locals and visitors from 1941 to 1975. Playland Pier contributes and is still contributing to the Coeur d "Alene of today. In this rendering I want to bring attention the Carousel which is currently working to fund a permanent home near Memorial Field. Tying themes together help reinforce the value the city's history and brings about greater community pride and cooperation. As Coeur d' Alene is a Happy Place for all who experience the magnificently unique setting, my desire is to create a mural that connects the city's past with today and has a positive effect on its future."