Basketball - Adult








  1. Team Entry Fee: $395.00

                                                          (Checks payable to City of Coeur d’Alene)



  1. Entry Deadline: Wednesday, February 22


  1. Leagues Offered: Depending of number of teams – may be combined one league.


  1. League Play: Begins Week of February 27. Teams will play a  7 game schedule.

                                      All games are held weeknights after 6.


  1. Roster & Registration:                    Due with team entry fee.

                                                          Teams may carry up to 10 players.


                                                          Player signatures required before

                                                          participation in a game.                                   


  1. Schedules: Will be e-mailed to team manager.

                                                          Legible e-mail must be submitted.


                                                          Extra schedules can be picked up at

                                                          the office upon request.


                                                          We do not fax game schedules.


  1.      Practice           Teams can rent a gym for practice if gym

                                                          space is available. Gym rental fee

                                                          for practices is $15.00 per hour payable in

                                                          advance. No payment at gym is allowed.